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5 Reasons To Film the Life Legacy of A Loved One Before It's Too Late

It's been well over 10 years since my grandmother passed, and there isn't a week that goes by that my mom doesn't double-click on and watch the 30 second video she has of her mother speaking and laughing at a family function.

Filmed on flip phone in the early 2000s, both the video and audio quality are a far cry from even the worst quality setting on today's YouTube, but it doesn't stop her from feeling her mother's presence.

Thankfully technology has made many strides since that point as the vast majority of us now walk around with an HD photo and video camera in our pocket, making memory capture that much easier.

The challenge is finding the time to truly capture those memories before it's too late. The solution? Hiring a professional to create a Life Legacy Short Documentary of those Wise Souls in your life.

A Life Legacy Short Documentary is a video service where we come to you to interview your loved one to capture their stories, laughter, mannerisms, wisdom and so much more. Plus we film a number of their keepsakes and mementos -and we can even attend a family gathering -to compile a professional video that truly tells their story (like the example below) and can be shared for generations.

Here are 5 reasons to consider filming a Life Legacy Short Documentary for a loved one today:

1. It's Not As Expensive As You Think

You've likely heard at least one story (probably from a recently married couple) exclaiming how expensive videography services can be. While it is true that professional videography, due to the amount of work and cost of the equipment involved, can be quite expensive, we've worked out a formula to deliver this specific product well below video market rates.

So you can get an 6-12 minute documentary made of your loved one for a lot less than you likely think. Book a FREE consultation with us today by CLICKING HERE to learn more about just how much it is and how flexible we can be in customizing our packages to find something that works within your budget.

2. Life Is Unpredictable

While we all know of at least one person that continues to defy the science of aging, we also all know that life be its nature is quite unpredictable. So rather than taking any chances, why not capture the stories and wisdom of a loved one now to both ensure it is captured, and to also give them an opportunity to enjoy it themselves.

3. It Gives Them An Opportunity To Speak In A Patient & Respectful Setting

We at Your Story Video pride ourselves on being one of the most patient and caring video services available to consumers. We know that everyone has a story to share, and we take the time to ensure every subject we have the privilege of filming is given the time and environment they need to be comfortable.

Plus many of our clients have been pleasantly surprised by how much their loved one enjoyed having someone new to tell their story to.

4. It Helps Provide Closure & Continued Support To Family Members When Their Time Comes

While nothing can ever truly remedy the grieving process and everyone's journey with grief is unique, having a video that captures so much of the essence to the person they've lost can be a beautiful tool to have available.

The video releases the pressure from your family's collective memories to recall aspects of their life, and removes any potential regret one may feel for never having made the time to have it filmed. If that short grainy video of my grandmother can have such a strong impact on my mom, just imagine how powerful a professionally filmed documentary can have on you and your loved ones.

5. It Strengthens & Extends The Impact of Their Wisdom Well Beyond Their Time Here

As wonderful as others sharing funny memories or stories can be, nothing lands quite as strong as hearing it directly from someone. With our Life Legacy Short Documentary interview formula we give every Wise Soul a platform to not only tell their story and share their memories, but to also leave their wisdom and advice for both current and future generations.

The end result? A beautifully compiled video that directly speaks to your family and amplifies the presence a loved one can have for generations to come.

Book a FREE consultation or email us at to discuss having a Life Legacy Short Documentary filmed of someone in your life in 2023!







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